The Secrets of the Business Consultant Profession

Companies also have their own problems and sometimes, to use the metaphor of Nino Lo Bianco, dean of Italian consultants, the intervention of a specialized “doctor” is required: the company consultant .

It is an innovative and relatively recent professional figure. Born in Italy in the 1960s, the role of the business consultant has evolved rapidly in response to market needs. If a general knowledge was initially required to undertake the profession , today, on the contrary, a solid specialization is required in one’s own reference sector within which one will then work.

Unlike a few years ago, where studies abroad and experiences in large international realities characterized the consultants, the preparation and level of study of this professional figure are now comparable to those of managers. What makes the difference is the specialized training to intervene in a certain area, working on critical variables, doing sector and competition analyzes in order to outline a general picture of the situation of the organization itself and of the market allowing managers to be able to make the best choices with clarity and lucidity. In fact, the consultant has no decision-making responsibility but advises and assists companies.

It is also certainly easier for an external figure to start a process of renewal, bringing a super partes point of view as well as highly specialized skills.

To date, there are approximately 27,000 consultants active on the market in Italy. There are several ways to take this path. The degree is a fundamental requirement, preferably in economics or engineering but an added value can be constituted by a master’s degree, preferably in an important American university, or an experience of a few years in an important company in the commercial or of the product, specializing in a particular sector such as telecommunications or automotive.

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