The Business Consultant. Is It Really Needed?

I find this joke very informative and unfortunately very often corresponding to reality.

It admirably expresses much of the common entrepreneurial feeling about the usefulness of a business consultant.

Because business consulting, whether it be managerial or executive, can really be detrimental to a company, if not done in a workmanlike manner.

Many today define themselves as consultants: software consultants, web marketing consultants, restaurant consultants, image consultants, legal, commercial, open garden, cake design consultants! We define ourselves as consultants when we sell products or give advice.

And instead, being a business consultant is a full-fledged profession, with very specific and defined characteristics.

Offering consultancy has almost become a trend and very often it has become synonymous with “offering amazing solutions”: having more customers than you could ever have thought, eliminating company waste in a definitive way, resolving all the company’s management problems in a definitive way .

Offering advice has become synonymous with a miracle. But nothing further from reality.

Here. Believing in miracles or tricks means not noticing that someone is putting their watch in their pocket, without even telling you what time it is. And then he sends you the invoice.

Is business consulting really this?

Yes, if you do not know exactly what a good consultant should give you, what his work really consists of, if you cannot evaluate in advance how competent and experienced this consultant is, if, above all, you do not have clear ideas about what the conditions are to use really helpful advice and what you want to get from the advice.

The success of a business consultancy depends on the 50-50 rule. The awareness of the entrepreneur and the method of the consultant.

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